TT 26th May - 8th June 2018

Energy Armor TT Wrist Band Black and Red

Official TT Merchandise

Energy Armor TT Wrist Band Black and Red



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The Science

Positive Ions make us feel tired, depressed and irritable Positive Ions are generated from electromagnetic radiation which is given off from our mobile phones, computers, lights, hair dryers, televisions etc.....


Tourmaline is a Crystal Boron Silicate mineral that is composed of many elements. Some of those elements are aluminium, iron, magnesium, lithium, and potassium. Tourmaline is known as a semi-precious stone and this stone comes in what is known as the rainbow colours.

Tourmaline has the ability to generate electricity. Energy Armor's products are made with tourmaline and by using a Negative Ion tester our tests have proven that our products have the highest count of Negative Ions. Energy Armor's manufacturing process infuses tourmaline into the silicone of our wristbands, dog tags, charms, and many other products. Get the tourmaline edge you need to improve your day or night!

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Energy Armor TT Wrist Band Black and Red

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